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2013/01/11 - There is no Time!

I did not have the time to finish up the new toshokan all year. But it is getting closer. Anyone willing to help out, please contact me!

In december the new tankoubon got released under the name Miracle Hole. Contents are:

  • Neverending Summer Deathfish - MegaMilk Vol.15 - 2011.08.10
  • Lucky Summer Lesson - MegaMilk Vol.16 - 2011.09.10
  • Lecture on Sex for Dohtei!!! - MegaMilk Vol.18 - 2011.11.10
  • The Girl with the Scar - MegaMilk Vol.20 - 2012.01.10
  • First time Miss Destroy - MegaMilk Vol.21 - 2012.02.10
  • LSD! Lucky Sensei Dynamite - MegaMilk Vol.22 - 2012.03.10
  • Hamidasu Futari - MegaMilk Vol.23 - 2012.04.10
  • Light blue Chocolate - MegaMilk Vol.24 - 2012.05.10
  • Summer Assault 30L - MegaMilk Vol.25 - 2012.06.10
  • Pink Bath Death - MegaMilk Vol.26 - 2012.07.10
  • Spring Napalm Stretch - Megastore H Vol. 108 - 2012.11

Megamilk is on a break, and JKP moved to Comic Megastore H. From now on look for this magazine. That is it for now.

2012/04/04 - Monzetsu System!

Yaaay! Monzetsu System! scan is out. At last! If you guys can remember this book was released last year September! The cover art is awesome but what I like the most is that they translated the titles. My translation was fairly accurate but if these are the official translations then I will use them. You may notice that I didn't updated the pages to cover this new information. At least not yet. So until we can finish JKPToshokan's big update here is the contents of Monzetsu System! (Yes, It's title is "Monzetsu System!". I know some idiots will call it Monzetsu Kei! or something like it. But the kanji 系 means System, and by that it needs to be translated!)

  • 006 - Brutal 23 o'clock (MegaMilk Vol.14)
  • 029 - Twists at daybreak (MegaMilk Vol.10)
  • 053 - New lily hell (MegaMilk Vol.11)
  • 077 - Give me pig (MegaMilk Vol.09)
  • 101 - Hyper contortion (MegaMilk Vol.12)
  • 125 - Graduation banned book (MegaMilk Vol.13)
  • 149 - Complex only one (0EX Vol.24)
  • 173 - Super stomach down (MegaMilk Vol.06)

And another thing I made a mistake in the Megamilk list below. I accidently swapped these two comics. Sorry about this.

2012-02 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.20 - First time Miss Destroy
2012-03 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.21 - The Girl with the Scar

The correct is:

2012-02 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.20 - The Girl with the Scar
2012-03 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.21 - First time Miss Destroy

Thats all for today guys! I have some reading to do.

2012/03/24 - Work sloooowly progressing.
Hi guys! I just would like to give you some idea what's going on. So JKPToshokan (this site :D) will be much more different soon. One of my friends help me a lot... I mean most of the work is done by him. So everything is progressing nicely. I won't tell you exactly what's happening. But I don't want to keep you in the dark either so it will be more content and nicer content. That's all.

I've compiled a list of the MegaMilk stuff so until the "rebirth" of JKPToshokan use this.

Green - Scanned can be found on internet sites.
Red - Not scanned yet.

(No title) - JKP took a break. No JKP manga in this month.

2010-07 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.01 - Bidet Terror
2010-08 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.02 - Pink Fire Potato
2010-09 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.03 - Red Hot Beach
2010-10 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.04 - Crash on the Beach
2010-11 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.05 - Midday Enigma Hero
2010-12 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.06 - Super Stomach Down

2011-01 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.07
2011-02 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.08 - Exterminator from today!
2011-03 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.09 - Give Me Pig
2011-04 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.10 - Twisted by Dawn
2011-05 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.11 - The New Yuri Hell
2011-06 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.12 - Hyper Contortion
2011-07 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.13 - Graduation Prohibited Book
2011-08 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.14 - Brutal 23 hour
2011-09 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.15 - Neverending Summer Deathfish
2011-10 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.16 - ???
2011-11 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.17
2011-12 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.18 - Lecture on Sex for Dohtei!!!

2012-01 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.19
2012-02 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.20 - The Girl with the Scar
2012-03 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.21 - First time Miss Destroy
2012-04 - COMIC Megamilk Vol.22 - ???

2011/11/20 - The last of the "Plus" Tankoubons?
caliplus Hey guys! The updates will be coming, I just can't decide on a nice clean looking design for the subpages. A lot of work has already been done and it's only the design what's kinda off. It maybe seem to be a little unimportant but trust me, it's just as important as the content itself. Now let's put this aside and talk about the good stuff.

The new Tankoubon is coming this December. It's possible this one will be the last of the old Tankoubon's reprint line. Yes, it's the Caligula Machine, the first Tankoubon! I'm dying to see if they include some new material. And maybe they will include the release dates for the old chapters too. Pretty please Coremagazine! Updated with a cover image.

What is also interesting is that the official MegaMilk blog forgot to upload the teaser for the chapter, that appeared in MegaMilk Vol.16. So until they do or release it in the next Tankoubon, we won't know what kind of chapter it is.

And lastly, JKP was on a break last month. It was his second break this year. Man, JKP is lazy for sure. I can relate to that though. lol The first break was in Vol.07 and now in Vol.17. So you won't be able to find any JKP material in these issues.

2011/09/13 - System! and update
The new tankoubon "Monzetsu System!" is out. At last "Only One Complex!" is printed in tankoubon format as well. It came out in 0EX in November, 2009. I wonder why they decided to wait for so long. I thought "Twisted by Dawn" was a new tankoubon only comic, but It was printed in MegaMilk Vol. 10. They just forgot to add the Vol.10 tag on Megamilk's official blog. Of course the mangalist has been updated to cover this new book and I made a temporary page for it ("Monzetsu System!") as well. I am still experimenting on a nice clean looking design for all tankoubon volumes, so please be patient. Updates will come. Later I will update the home page too.
Updated stuff:
2011/08/27 - New Manga List and New Monzetsu
monsys Ok, so the plan was, to make the biggest possible update ever. Thats not gonna happen. I don't have the time nor the energy to do it. Before anyone misunderstand what I'm saying, I'm not abadoning JKP toshokan. Just the plans for that update changed. Instead of one big update, there will be many smaller ones as I can work on them.

Putting this to the side, I have done something very cool. It's the new Manga List.
This list was a big mess. Now you actually can browse it. The Coloured Illustration part is not done yet, it will be a gallery when I'm done with it.

Another awesome news is that the new Monzetsu is coming next month. Its title is simply "Monzetsu System". It will be released on September 10th. I will update its contents when it's going to be available.

2011/06/28 - I'm back
It's not an actual update I just want to tell you guys that I was away for the past months and now I'm back. It was my last semester at college so I had to focus on my studies. Before this semester I started working on a big ... I mean BIG ... no ... I mean HUUUUUGE update but I couldn't finish it in time. I will try to finish it as soon as possible but now that I'm out of school I have other things to do.
I don't know how I'm gonna do this update. This will be either one big update, or many smaller ones. If I decide on the big, than that will be slower if smaller updates then it will be faster and more regular. If you have any thoughts about this just send me an email.

2011/02/11 - JKP sign auction
This is a quick update. Nothing fancy. I just came across a nice collectible item on Yahoo Auction. It is a copy of Monfesu XI signed by JKP himself! I've got a copy of Monfesu XI already but this is really one of a kind item for a fan. I love the artwork. But it is a bit expensive.

2011/02/11 - Months and Months without update
Hello everyone who are visiting this site. Yeah, sorry for the lack of updates blah blah blah... Finally everything is up to date! We have 4 new manga from JKP and 2 new tankoubons, so there is much content to see.

First of all, the 4 new chapters. Yes, thats right 5 months but only 4 chapters.
In November they released "Midday Enigma Hero", and "Super Stomach Down" was released in December.
You will be surprised if you try to find JKP In the January issue of MegaMilk (thats Volume 7 if you are wondering), because he had some time off.
In February there is "Exterminator from today!".
And the newest chapter is called "Give Me Pig, which is in the March issue of MegaMilk!

Lets move on. So there was the reissue of Monzetsu Explosion. What's changed you might ask? Well, lets see.

MegaMilk 1

First of all the new cover is quite obvious as you can see on the picture.

MegaMilk 1

The Volume title page has not changed much.

MegaMilk 1

The first very important fact is that the "Contents" page is missing from the reissue, and instead of that the volume has a colour page. I would like to mention the fact that this color page was actually printed in the first Explosion under the title "Mon Cafe Gaiden"! But the text from it is missing from Explosion Plus!

MegaMilk 1

The second big change is that after "Our Elegy" there is a new 6 pages long comic called "Rising Drunk Queen". This comic is only printed in this volume!!

MegaMilk 1

Black Fuck'N' Roll's first 4 pages was originally printed in colour back in the days, and these pages are in the correct coloured format.
The next thing I would like to mention is that "Peerless Goldrush" and "Furious!! "Bareback Curriculum" have switched places. I would like to mention the fact that this is the third print of Furious!!!

MegaMilk 1

The last and probably most important of all is the new chapter "Bidet Terror"! This is a fun chapter featuring a ghost! :D

That about it! It's a pretty fun Monzetsu Volume, because this is the only monzetsu volume that has a "continuing stories" from JKP. I hope in the future JKP will be doing something like this again!

And let's move on to the big news!!

The next Monzetsu Volume is coming!! It's called Search and Monzetsu Destroy! It's coming out on March 10. I can't wait!

2010/10/23 - Lots of News
Well, where should I begin? Megamilk Volume 3 and 4 are out so we have 2 new and fresh comics from JKP. Volume 3 has one called "Red Hot Beach" which looks pretty neat, classic JKP stuff. And Volume 4 have one called "Crash on the Beach". So we have two nice summer comics with some energetic fucking on the beach.

Another thing is... well, I was right. I have guessed that the next tankoubon will be the reprint of Monzetsu Explosion. And guess what? It will be! So yeah, next tankoubon is called Monzetsu Explosion Plus and if we can trust the advertisement it will have some new content too. Well, as usual... Oh right, it comes out on November 10.

ジョン・K・ぺー太先生の「MON絶!!エクスプロージョン」がコアマガジンより復刊します。その名も「MON絶!!エクスプロージョン プラス」。発売は11月10日予定。新作と、描き下ろし作品を収録してパワーアップさせます。昔持ってた人も持ってなかった人も気になったら買って下さい。

And some annoying stuff. This "free web hosting provider" I am using deleted a lot of stuff without any notice. Including the cleaned cover of Caligula Machine. I have worked on that shit for hours. Yeah, and I don't have a copy of it. So is there anyone who could send it to my email address? Any case I won't upload it again...

2010/07/07 - What happend to 0EX?
MegaMilk 1 What did happen to 0EX? You might ask if you were waiting for the July issue of it. Well, 0EX's publication has ended. Yes, Volume 30 was the last issue, but you don't need to worry because there is a replace! The new magazine is called Megamilk「コミックメガミルク」 and the first issue is out! It contains new comic from JKP of course, called Attack House 303. So you should be looking for Comic Megamilk 「コミックメガミルク」 from now on. There was Jumbo then Megaplus then 0EX and now Megamilk. I hope this magazine will run longer than 0EX. The other thing is the mangalist has been updated. Oh, I almost forgot Volume 2 issue of Megamilk will come out this friday.

Just a little heads up. Megamilk Vol.2 is out and it contains new JKP comic whose title is "Pink Fire Potato". Thats all.

Some small errors have been corrected. Thank you for noticing them. Next big update? Well I don't know... I don't have the time for it. What I would like to do in the far future: First every single tankoubon release gets its individual page. Then we will see...but I eventually want a detailed analisys of every chapter. But small updates on recent chapters, books will be regular as usual.

Mega Bitch Hey, everyone its me again. So Super Monzetsu Mega Bitch is out today. I hope it will show up soon. The cover is awesome! By far this is the most appealing cover design! Well at least for me. Click here to see it a little bigger. So the contents are?

Super Monzetsu Mega Bitch
HotMilk Comics number: 319
Page Count: 198
  • Glasses String Enthusiasm Bitch (情熱のメガネヒモビッチ)
  • Inhuman Etiquette (非道のエチケット)
  • Phantom Sidekick Homerun (幻のサイキックホームラン)
  • Tokyo Drunk Pudding (トーキョードランクプリン)
  • The Counter attack's Blasting Scram (I am not sure about this one the because site has the wrong title.) (魂の爆砕スクラム!!)
  • Magma Slider (マグマスライダー)
  • Shaving on Neverending Summer (常夏シェービング)
Yes only seven comics in this one. But these are awesome!! I will update the manga list next week. Damn this is a great volume.

0ex26 Just some heads up. Super Monzetsu Mega Bitch will be released this Saturday. Yaay!! You can expect the lastest comics from 0EX to be covered in this volume. And of course the May issue of 0EX is out (#29). Including Shutter Fucker Sister (シャッターファッカーシスター). Sorry I don't get this title, I don't know how to translate it to English. But that was the case with "Female Pig Princess Cash Cow" also... I hope someone will try and scanlate this. Its very funny how nowadays JKP's comics are always on the bottom of the TOC. (Often the place of GAG manga.) It's been soo long since the last comic with coloured pages! Why? Hell it was usual in the Megaplus era! Gimmie some coloured pages already!!! :)

Hey everyone who's visiting this website. I got an email today which quite shocked me. The website of Coremagazine has requested me to remove the links of the downloadable comics. WOW!! Coremagazine has found this website? That means something... at least for me. Well, I've never wanted this website to become a place of illegal activities. As you all know hentai is not free. Artists make them and companies sell them for us. If they want me to remove the links of their products I will remove them happily. So the bottom line is: there will be no more links of downloadable comics on this website.

2010/02/10 From Coremagazine Diary:
Because I forgot the last time. Lazy

Good News for the fans of John K. Pe-ta. The new book (Hotmilk Comics) is decided to go on sale April 10th. Its title is "Super Monzetsu Mega Bitch" (Suupaa Monzetsu Mega Bicchi). Please wait for it.

2010/02/11 From Site:
So, what's news?

SevenSky surprised me with an email. He said he remembers the source for that JKP comic strip which I mentioned earlier.
He wrote this:
"The story goes as follows. A girl is late for school. When she arrives, she realizes she lost her D. Then a guy shows up asking if she lost golden D or whatever. Instead, she wants his P. The guy does her and it turns out her D was with her all along.

The character name is Yumiko, and I am sure I saw it from Machino Henmaru book scan. I was surprised to see JKP drawing in another author's book. I do not remember which book. It might have been from ゆみこ倶楽部 (yumiko club)."

I knew some of Machino Henmaru's work but I am not really a fan of it. His style is very simplistic and too much guro for my taste. It's weird... really weird. So with SevenSky's help it was easy to find this comic.

It's a Machino Henmaru book titled Sawayaka Abnormal. It was released in 2007 before TOEN SHOBO went bankrupt.

This 3 page JKP comic was an "omake", a gift for this book in retrun of "John K Pe-ta's World" Machino Henmaru's omake comic.
Link Removed Machino Henmaru - Sawayaka Abnormal (2007)
The next big update I think will be sometime in the summer at best. Until then take care everyone!

2010/01/05 From Site:
Site is up and running, everything works! I have a huge update for today. It was a huge amount of work but I think it was worth it. The Manga list is now more accurate than ever! It still has missing information though. All of the manga titles are now translated for your reading pleasure. Also, check out the awesome new Anthology list! The About and Tankoubon pages are now near perfect as well.

mutimuti The Reprint of Muchi Muchi! Monzetsu Fever was released in early December so grab a copy if you'd like. Its cover was redrawn by JKP but did not changed that much. It's still awesome. This volume also contains a new comic strip never released in tankoubon format called Burning Jet Peach and it's rather rough. Well it's JKP alright. This chapter has a 5 pages extra comic strip drawn specifically for this book. It's.... well it's an animal thing. You'll see...

I've bought a copy of "Ingyaku! Nakadashi Onna Kyoushi", check it out here! I couldn't scan the whole book but the cover. You can get it LINK REMOVED. I'm going to make individual pages for every tankoubon volume released so far as the next update. Check out the first test page and another test page with a list of the contents of John K. Pe-ta's World.

Lastly I have something I cannot identfy. It's a page from a JKP comic I've never see before. Maybe someone can help me identfy it. See this image below.
Unknown JKP comic
2009/10/22 From Coremagazine Diary:
ジョン・K・ペー太先生ファンの皆様に朗報。 2009年12月10日に「ムチムチ悶絶!!フィーバープラス」が発売決定。内容は「ムチムチ悶絶!!フィーバー」に描き下ろし作品1本、そして単行本未収録作品1本プラスしたものです。クリスマスプレゼントはこれで決定!!
Good news for all John K. Pe-Ta sensei fans! It is decided that "Muchi Muchi Monzetsu!! Fever Plus" will be sold on 2009 december 10. The contents: the work drawn for "Muchi Muchi Monzetsu!! Fever", and a story not yet published in tankoubon format. Now you know what to get for christmas!!

2009/07/13 From Site:
MonfestXI (Eleven) is released. You can find download links on the internet but please support JKP by buying it instead. Manga list is updated!

2009/06/15 From Coremagazine Diary:

2009/3/21 From Coremagazine Diary:
Good news for all John K. Pe-Ta sensei's fans! The lastest tankoubon "Monfes XI (eleven)" is decided to go on sale 2009 July 10th. Go and pre-order it as I did!!

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Lastest JKP Comics

Lecture on Sex for Dohtei!!!

2011 December - MegaMilk Volume 18

Book not Released yet


2011 October - MegaMilk Volume 16

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Neverending Summer Deathfish

2011 September - MegaMilk Volume 15

Book not Released yet


Brutal 23 hour

2011 August - MegaMilk Volume 14

Monzetsu System!


Graduation Prohibited Book

2011 July - MegaMilk Volume 13

Monzetsu System!


Hyper Contortion

2011 Jun - MegaMilk Volume 12

Monzetsu System!


The New Yuri Hell

2011 May - MegaMilk Volume 11

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Twisted by Dawn

2011 April - MegaMilk Volume 10

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Give Me Pig

2011 March - MegaMilk Volume 9

Monzetsu System!


Exterminator from today!

2011 February - MegaMilk Volume 8

Search and Monzetsu Destroy


Super Stomach Down

2010 December - MegaMilk Volume 6

Monzetsu System!


Midday Enigma Hero

2010 November - MegaMilk Volume 5

Search and Monzetsu Destroy


Crash on the Beach
クラッシュ オン ザ ビーチ

2010 October - MegaMilk Volume 4

Search and Monzetsu Destroy


Red Hot Beach

2010 September - MegaMilk Volume 3

Search and Monzetsu Destroy


Pink Fire Potato

2010 August - MegaMilk Volume 2

Search and Monzetsu Destroy


Attack House 303

2010 July - MegaMilk Volume 1

Search and Monzetsu Destroy


Bidet Terror

2010 Jun - 0EX Volume 30

MON!!zetsu Explosion Plus


Shutter Fucker Sister

2010 May - 0EX Volume 29

Search and Monzetsu Destroy


Female Pig Princess Cash Cow

2010 April - 0EX Volume 28

Search and Monzetsu Destroy


Passionate Bitch with Glasses and Thong

2010 March - 0EX Volume 27

Buy It (Mega Bitch)


The Counter attack's needle balkan!!

2010 February - 0EX Volume 26

Buy It (Mega Bitch)


Phantom Sidekick Homerun

2010 January - 0EX Volume 25

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Only One Complex!

2009 December - 0EX Volume 24

Monzetsu System!


Inhuman Etiquette

2009 November - 0EX Volume 23

Buy It (Mega Bitch)


Shaving on Neverending Summer

2009 October - 0EX Volume 22

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Magma Slider

2009 September - 0EX Volume 21

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Burning JET Peach

2009 August - 0EX Volume 20

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Tokyo Drunk Pudding

2009 July - 0EX Volume 19

Buy It (Mega Bitch)


The soul's Blasting Scrum!!

2009 June - 0EX Volume 18

Buy It (Mega Bitch)

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